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Photo Blog!

Sorry we haven't been posting lately. As you can seen we've been very busy with our new channels. JKParty, JKGamer, JKNews. Here are some photos for your entertainment :) JKF_0-20 Vegas vacation with our Aussie and Canadian fams JKF_0-2

We’re Shooting Today!

Happy Friday, everyone! Today we're squeezing in skit #2 of the week.  We usually don't have photos from behind the scenes, but here's a look into today's shoot. This is what's going on RIGHT NOW. And we're not even done yet... Tommy...

Ask Tommy: Go Go Gadget

Whaddup, everybody! Monday's here again and we're more than ready to get our week started. We've got our juices flowing, new skits ready to be shot, and more ideas to be created. As for today, Tommy's here to talk tech with...

Ask Kevin: The Olympic Games

At the JK office, we're all pretty chill with each other and have a lot in common, but everyone is still unique in their own way. We've all got our specialties and interests that set us apart from each other. For example, our JKParty...