The Making Of: Extreme Safety League

Happy Monday, everybody! Hope you all had a well rested weekend and are ready to tackle this week’s tasks. Here at the JK office, we’re always ready to take on anything and everything because we’re always prepared… with a sh*t ton of safety gear. No idea what we’re talking about? Check out our latest video, “Extreme Safety League,” to see what’s up. But please, proceed with extreme caution!

Bart as “Brad”

Joe as “Chad”

Brad and Chad are two bros in the Extreme Safety League who are absolutely against extreme sports without safety. To them, being safe is sexy and cool, so they look down on anyone who thinks otherwise (which makes sense because who doesn’t dig guys who use protection, right?). So buckle up and strap on. Safety first… SAFE!

As always, check out the behind the scenes for a closer look at what went on during the shoot. Learn about how much went into the making of this video and get to know the guys behind all the helmets and padding.

Thanks to Machinima and Network A for allowing us to join this collaboration and giving us a chance to expand our vision for this video. With a little help from our friends, we were able to head up to Big Bear for a couple of days to have an Extreme Safety League retreat. It was cool to have our characters in various setting changes to let them explore the dynamics of the extreme sports. We really got to be creative with this one and it was a blast to put together and work on.

Special Thanks To:

Skyler Hart
David Kinne
Alex Ore
Trent Randal

George Wang
Doug Des Autels!/DougDesAutels
Bobby Perkins

Everyone was awesome and really brought their A-game on set. Thanks for being patient and sharing your talents with us. You guys made us look good!

-JKF Fam
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  • Bart Kwan

    Had a blast filming this

  • Doug Des Autels

    Had fun working on this shoot, thanks for the props too. Doug