The Making Of: Crazy Asian Parent: Bill

Happy Monday! We hope you all had a great Easter weekend full of chocolate, bunnies, and family time. Speaking of family, this week’s video was inspired by our crazy family dinners. For those who haven’t been able to catch up with this week’s upload yet, what are you waiting for? Click it!

Does this happen in anyone else’s family? As soon as the bill comes, the adults start to wrestle over who should pay and why. They come up with the most ridiculous excuses and start a scene in the middle of the restaurant. As kids, we’d just watch in embarrassment and try to make sense as to why they made such a big deal over who got to pay the bill. Looking back, we realize that it’s just their crazy way of being polite and appreciating the company of others. Now that we’re older, we catch ourselves wrestling for the bill when we’re out at dinner with friends and colleagues too. Sound familiar? We sure do learn from the best!

Joe and Bart in their old Asian dad characters. Sh*t’s about to go down.

They’ve got that Kung Fu Chi thing going on.

We got pretty carried away with the fight scene. The bottle of baby powder did not survive this shoot. Used and abused.

Want to find out how these old Asian dads pulled off their Kung Fu Chi in Winter Babyland? If that last sentence didn’t make any sense to you, you better check out the behind the scenes video to find out what’s going on.


Special thanks to:
Hsiang Yuen Restaurant
12248 South St
Artesia, CA 90701

Elisha Lee
Irene Yang
Jason Turner
Monica Tam

Original Score by Joe Cho

-JKF Fam
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    lmao that restaurant has the best jajamyun! OC!