Ask Kevin: The Olympic Games

At the JK office, we’re all pretty chill with each other and have a lot in common, but everyone is still unique in their own way. We’ve all got our specialties and interests that set us apart from each other. For example, our JKParty ring leader, Kevin Chan, is particularly interested in sports. Due to popular demand and relevance to the current events, we’re having Kevin give you guys his thoughts and updates on the London 2012 Olympics. Kevin, take it away.

What’s  going on with the Olympics right now?

Kevin: What up, World? So as the Olympics are starting to wind down, let’s do a little reflection on what has happened. The Olympic medal count is a pretty close race between China and United States. Russia is currently in third, but could possibly sneak up and make a push to be the top country.

More specifically, if you didn’t know, Michael Phelps (swimming) is currently THE MOST DECORATED Olympian ever with 22 medals (18 of which are Gold Medals). A lot of critics and writers are saying that no one will ever break this record. I, on the other hand, think that it is possible for this record to be broken and it could be within the next couple of Olympics. Missy Franklin, a female swimmer from the U.S. team, is only 17 and she already has 5 medals (4 of which are Gold). Of course she would need to compete in more events though, since she only competes in the backstroke, freestyle, and medley. It may seem unlikely, but it IS possible. Regardless though, it’s amazing to see each Olympic event because a record (whether it’s an Olympic or World record) seems to be broken every day.

Do YOU think Phelps’ Olympic medal count will be broken? Who do you think will win the overall medal count? China? United States? Russia? Or another country?

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Happy Hunger Games… May the odds be forever in your favor… oh… wait, nvm… Happy Olympics 😀

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  • Emily A Kim

    I totally agree. I think that Phelps’s record could be broken, eventually.

    And it really is amazing that a world record is being trumped everyday. =)

  • Flo Herondale

    I agree that the Phelps’ record could be broken by someone else. I think Sun Yang could broke this record one day. As for the overall medal count win, I think China will make it.
    Anyway, the title says ‘Ask Kevin’ so my question is, which events do you like the most and would you like to be on the olympics as a player?

  • Name

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