Ask Tommy: Go Go Gadget

Whaddup, everybody! Monday’s here again and we’re more than ready to get our week started. We’ve got our juices flowing, new skits ready to be shot, and more ideas to be created. As for today, Tommy’s here to talk tech with you all. We’re not all as gadget friendly as we’d like to be, but he’s got the goods, so take it away, Tommy.

What’s new in tech updates?

Tommy: So if you haven’t heard, drones have finally hit the news again, but this time, they’re open to public consumers (WTF?!) Well there are plenty of civilians out there that already have drones, so what’s new?


AeroVironment, the manufacture of 85% of the Department of Defense’s unmanned aircraft fleet (not the one with the missiles and guns– that’s Reaper and Predators), has opened the door for more domestic consumption. Meaning, local law enforcement, security, explorations purposes, farming, and a crap load of others will have these unmanned systems here in the US for their use. For example, under law enforcement and security purposes:

Now how about civilians having these drones? Will it take away our privacy? Will we be abusing the purpose of the drone? Like being a peeping-Tom and spying on our neighbors with it? You dirty fucks.

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  • Kan

    The ones that look like bugs are even worse!

  • Benford morgan

    hell yeah
    black ops in real life

  • Bianca

    I would probably use it to shot films and angles that you can’t have like a bird view or somthn. Why stock into other peoples back yard when u can just use fb. Ha ha (not that I do that tho.)

  • Kal-el

    What kind of cameras do you use for your videos?