We’re Shooting Today!

Happy Friday, everyone! Today we’re squeezing in skit #2 of the week.  We usually don’t have photos from behind the scenes, but here’s a look into today’s shoot. This is what’s going on RIGHT NOW. And we’re not even done yet…

Tommy is ready to fuck up the sound.

On-set lunch for cast and crew…. JK. It’s just Anhie’s lunch.

Inside, looking out.

Outside, looking in.

We’re just SO excited to be on set today :O


Of course Geo’s always camera ready

The face only a mother can love…. and Brown.

Olivia’s in the house! Er… office….

Keep a lookout for this video, coming soon to a YouTube near you!

*Photos are taken from an iPhone… please disregard the quality of the photos.

-JKF Fam
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  • Titusyang1988

    You guys are hilarious!