JustKiddingFilms is a comedic phenomenon known to unabashedly tackle social, contemporary, and cultural issues, while ingeniously capturing and playing to universal sentiments. They strike a remarkable balance between stimulating and entertaining, garnering them an international fanbase of 125 million views and 706,000+ subscribers on YouTube.

JustKiddingFilms (JKF) was founded on the principle of promoting cultural unity using comedy as the vessel. Founders Bart Kwan and Joe Jo possess exceptional chemistry given their similar experiences growing up in the streets, while also exceling in higher education, thus making their approach to comedy refreshing and revolutionary. Excitement and demand for JKF has attracted numerous invitations to perform internationally, speak on panels at film festivals, headline events at prestigious universities, and collaborate with award-winning directors, producers, musicians, and other comedians. JKF has dominated new media platforms, while making tremendous strides into traditional media.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/estescreenprinting Este Ban

    cool website guys..that logo is facking dope.. big the fam part what ever happent to bicth police of queenie ito ! well many blessings your way JKfs #1

    • http://twitter.com/JKFilms JustKiddingFilms

      Thanks Este! Check it out on the justkiddingparty channel

  • Miranda

    Funny Funny Funny!!! Love y’all and admire how you guys came to be JKF! Great job, congratz on movin on up and look foward to all the crazy funny-ness!

    • http://twitter.com/JKFilms JustKiddingFilms

      Thanks for the support Miranda!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001526614844 Sally Smith

    saw one of the local shows when they were dancing to the song “Good Food” Bart has the hottest legs evea!!!

    • http://twitter.com/JKFilms JustKiddingFilms

      hahaha thanks Sally

  • Joshua

    I just recently became a fan of yours but you have quickly become my favorite youtube comedians. Your vids are funny, yet leave me thinking and your behind the scenes vids really show yall are a fam. It’s inspiring for me and I hope I can emulate some of what you guys have done in my career. Keep up the great work. :-)

    • http://twitter.com/JKFilms JustKiddingFilms

      Thanks for the support Joshua, welcome to the family

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1657993217 Caroline Pauskic

    You guys are the best! so funny, I’m a big fan of yours, i love what you do and maked everyone laugh :) I hope you continue whit what you do and never stop! 😀 Have a nice day

  • Mike123_345

    I just noticed, why isn’t the other Anh on The Fam page?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000195660344 Farah Alia

    i like your videos especially the asian mom , (i forgot the title) .. hahaha . it’s hilarious… so one of you came from korea and the other one came from Vietnam ???

  • Kevster

    I can never get enough of JKFilms. From the regular skits (JKFilms) to the behind the scenes (JKParty) and now JKGAMER!!! dang this is great! Thanks for all the laughs you guys and congrats on the much deserved success!

    • amy

      ikr love jk group and their vids,spread the positivity! they are awesome, more ppl should watch them :)

  • Nigel Mahari

    can u post more video with leah walczak in it! she is hot

  • You’ll never know….

    My friend kept telling me about the justkidding group. My first time watching this was so exciting! Now I’m totally hooked and I’m only 11! Am I under-age? If I am hell no I won’t quit!

  • ricebunnyJULiEEETRaN

    I .< 😀

  • wtphockeydotcom

    New music video please

  • Clarayoo92

    How old is Geovanna Antoinette?? and where is she from? i’m dryingg to know!

    • choyboy

      i think she’s 29 and from montobello

      • Bullseye

        everywhere i look in the search engine, it says she’s 23 in 2013

        • Sary

          She cant be 23 last yr. She moved in with bart at age 23 and theyve been together for a long time so 23 plus the ti e theyve been together…. Around 30some.

          • Mike

            Shes only 24.

            Check here:


          • nomadhatter

            dude this page was from when she had no tattoos and a sideshaved head

          • Orgil

            Geo was born in 1986 and Bart was Born in 1985 (Same year as Joe as they were high school friends)

          • Kyle

            Joe and bart met in college

          • Saeedat Adesokan

            She was born in 1990

          • Whiskey Pete

            That’s obviously an old profile that is not maintained. She has since gone the route of breast augmentation. What a faker.

      • Saeedat Adesokan

        She is born in 1990.

  • Vicsam4

    you guys are awesome!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/alisha.a.muhammad Alisha Arri’al

    you guys have the best sense of humor known to humanhood. thanks for being so awesome!

  • Producer127

    Are Geo and Joe related?

  • Rushcutter

    Are bart, daniel and bruce brothers? Please reply thanks.

    • http://twitter.com/JKFilms JustKiddingFilms


  • Black_sorcerer2003

    hi! JK Films I’m curious about the song that Joe dance in the Because I’m Asian
    Can you guys tell me what is the title of the music/song?

  • Gag

    These guys are crazy as f***! Just found the YouTube channel and am currently working a night shift here in the UK. Can’t even drink my tea when watching because I can’t stop laughing!

  • Kimaniwhiteside13

    I want to become a jkf I’m 14 please tell me how my email is [email protected]

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000951154154 Shakila Rajapakshe

    how tall is bart kwan? im asking this because some ppl say he’s short but he doesnt look short to me ;P

    • Hugo

      Bart: 5’9 Joe: 5’7 Geo: 5’11 Casey: 5’8 Tommy: 5’7 Olivia: 5’6 Daniel: not sure

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000951154154 Shakila Rajapakshe

    btw love ur show ^^

  • Natalie

    Why do people always disrespect geo! like saying ww she so cute and on some pool videos their like aww no geo in bikini! LIKE SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! Geo is Barts girlfriend. Please respect them

    • Mike Park

      why do you even have to bring that up?

  • Lenghonglove

    Wow new layout. neat and tidy with professional look. Great going guys, skits are funny and jk news is superb. voicing my own opinions through Geo and Jo. hopefully one day i will beable to see you guys live. you are on my to do list, but until you reach Britian i will have to wait.

  • DuhCuriousMe

    Are Joe and Olivia in some kind of relationship?

    • dickboy

      we really want to know!

      • Jay

        I think they are dating!!

        • Egg No Yolk

          Apparently not anymore, she’s with some hairy jew.

          • #shrekt

            mad cuz bad

          • Thinkitthrough

            Mad cuz bad? What?

          • Thinkitthrough

            That’s not nice. She’s allowed to journey on her own path and make her own mistakes.

          • Egg No Yolk

            Gee wiz… you are right. I did not thinkitthrough. See what I did there?

    • Anonymous

      nope but Joe & Bart are #WISHFULThinking ;_;

    • asiapanda

      no joe fired her

  • Yunkachristine

    I wanna work for you guys!!! SO BAD!!!

  • Yunkachristine

    you guys are awesome I love every single on of you!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/TopKnoch Michael Priester

    Dude best channel ever. I love all the skits, they’re really well done and performed amazing as well. These guys are inspirational to me because I am heading to the film industry and these guys just make me love film more and more. Cudos!

  • Kevin Mo

    I can’t read this without reading it in Bart’s voice lol

  • Linaong606

    So, what happened to Anhiee. Did she quit or something?

  • LinaOng606

    I met her at a Riverside wedding. She was so surprised when I asked her if she was on Jk Films. Can you a part 3 of You know you are Asian If?

  • theedge

    to Bart and Joe: are you guys Korean? or just making fun of Koreans for fun?

    • Jenna

      Both “Jo” and “Kwan” are Korean surnames. :)

      • Eeyern

        Not necessarily.. Nah they are chinese.

        • Jen

          LOL Bart is Korean for sure idk abt Joe

          • TSAC

            Bart is cantonese :p

          • a korean

            He is korean you stupid

          • bidibom


          • Guest

            OH MY GOSH THEY’RE ACTUALLY MARTIANS! I found this out because I used my x-ray goggles to look at them and I saw they had ANTENNAE! So YEA! So….now what?

          • JW

            Bart is Chinese. Kwan is a common Cantonese last name. Remember Michelle Kwan, the ice skater? She’s from HK, not Korea.

          • rollroll

            Jo is Chinese, and Bart i think is Cantonese.. I don’t think Bart is Korean though…

          • Syndee

            Cantonese is a language. They are both just Chinese

          • Cindy

            Cantonese can refer to people whose ancestors are from Guangdong province.

          • JustSaying

            Cantonese is a language not a race…

          • Justtelling

            Cantonese is a language, but Cantonese itself usually refers to ppl from HK and Guangdong province.

          • meis

            Not everyone in HK is Cantonese. They’re from China, they grandpas. They can be Hokkien, Hakka, Teochew, Shanghainese, Manchu, etc.

          • moomoo

            It’s a dialect not a language. Apply some water to that burn.

          • Saeedat Adesokan

            There are Mandarin and there are Cantonese

          • Saeedat Adesokan

            Chinese is the language. Cantonese is a dialect

          • damnmadfuer

            Cantonese is language for sure. try to check it before you speak anything you dumbass. Cantonese has 2000 years-history even more than shitty Mandarin

          • Saeedat Adesokan

            of or relating to Canton (Guangzhou), its inhabitants, their DIALECT, or their cuisine.


            a native or inhabitant of Canton.

            a form of Chinese spoken mainly in southeastern China (including Hong Kong).

            Chinese is the language. You are the only dumbass. I looked it up before I said anything just to make sure ,”dumbass”. Look it up yourself ,”dumbass”.

          • Saeedat Adesokan

            You saying “Cantonese is a language “for sure” ” proves you aren’t sure yourself whether its a language because you didn’t make an absolute statement. You aren’t even sure yet you call someone a dumbass. smh

          • kevin

            no hes not in jk news he talks about the crazy chinese neighbor and couldnt understnad them because they spoke cantonese

          • Mikke

            come on, it’s obvious that he probably can’t understand cantonese! he grew up in the States and English is probably his first language.

          • Faggot5


        • Bitch

          Mother fucker why do you fucking think all the asians are Chinese huh? You c
          Fucking bitch nigger I don’t care what race you are but sure your probably a dumb blonde who’s a hore and a bimbo

          • Damian

            But all chinese are asian.

          • Jun Lee

            That’s cold…

        • Thinkitthrough

          Jo isn’t Chinese. Kwan can be Chinese. Regardless, does it matter?

        • Viet4Lyfe


        • Viet4Lyfe


      • James S

        “Both “Jo” and “Kwan” are Korean surnames.”

        Says who? I’m Korean and I’ve never seen a Korean with those surnames. And people seem to be confused with Kwan and Kwon…Kwon is used for Korean names.

        • DJjayWooT

          “Jo” is a Korean surname.
          Jo Gwang-jo

          Jo Hyun-jae
          Jo In-sung
          Jo Kwang-Min
          Jo Kwon
          Jo Myong-rok
          Jo Seung-woo
          Jo Shin-ae
          Jo Su-mi
          Jo Sung-mo

          • James S

            And Cho can also be used for “Jo” as well…people can argue about this dumb shit all day lol…Bart and Joe are Chinese or Viet…they don’t even look like Korean

          • DJjayWooT

            I know that it’s “Cho” for Chinese people. You said you have never seen a Korean with those names so I gave you a list of Koreans with those names. I didn’t say anything about Bart or Joe.

          • eawrgt

            No, not really. Most korean people use “cho” instead of “jo”. And I highly doubt Bart and Joe are Koreans because they don’t look like Korean at all.

          • gre

            and not to mention, their fake Korean accents don’t really sound like actual korean accents.. just a stereotypical one.

          • DJjayWooT

            Did I say they were Korean?…No

          • alien7

            cho is a korean surname (Cho Kyuhyun)

          • jojorickymoto

            Cho and Jo are the same korean surnames, like Lee and Yi, also korean, or Wong and Wang, korean last names that are from china. A lot of chinese last names are part of Korean lastnames, but Cho and Jo are more likely korean origin, if a chinese person has a very korean name that only means that they are from korean mixed descendent. Doesn’t always make someone korean or chinese. for all we know and the best bet is that Bart and Joe are not full-bred “one country” asian, they could be mixed. i had a friend who looked both very chinese and korean and his sister two, they were half korean-chinese- americans, father chinese surname Wang.

          • Philip Cho

            im a cho and I’m korean. 100% bitch.

          • Drew

            bart is korean. geo stated in a recent vid that she speaks spanish and took korean in college. why would she take korean? cause her bf is korean.

          • jojorickymoto

            …. chronologically, It seems though she took korean “just because she wanted too” because she most likely met him towards the end of college or after college, she met bart as a friend FIRST and were friends for a few years while she was a student in college, ish. she’s in her late 20s

          • Lenore

            Or ya know, she just wanted to? I wanted to learn Japanese and am now fluent in it but that wasn’t because if some guy it was because I wanted to.

            Besides she only knows how to write and read Korean not actually speak it.

          • maymel15999

            Bart recently said in a video that he is Korean. One of the JKNews videos, fyi.

          • Dylan

            which video? link pleaseee

          • Dak the Duck

            lol Bart is chinese. If you look at his vlogs with his parents in it, his dad speaks cantonese while his mom speaks Mandarin. Bart doesnt even look korean. As for Joe, im not sure. I think hes part vietnamese or something.

          • TeacherJJLee

            Fuck No….. Korean do not look like that ” Ape man”.

        • jojorickymoto

          i’m korean too, but i think their surnames are korean descendent but i do not believe they are korea, or at least they are mixed, or their ancestors are mixed with korean men. I dont know whether they are mixed, chinese (or hong kongese lol) or viet, taiwan (they are basically chinese runaways..) but overall from watching the videos, they are not culturally korean or seem to speak korean.

        • mikki

          I really just assumed Bart is Korean. He could be my brother haha

        • TeacherJJLee

          In Korean we call both of them ” 대만 화교 짱개” or “섬 짱개”.

        • Saeedat Adesokan

          If you look up Kwan it says chinese last nam, but this doesnt necessarily mean. Much of the Korean language originated from Chinese

      • Jun Lee

        Actually their Chinese names, Kim, Lee, Park, Shin are examples, because unfortunately there is no Kwa in Korean, or Jo.

    • garrygary

      Actually Bart is not Cantonese/Chinese because he coulsnt speak Chinese very well in the videos. I think he is Vietnamese.

      • Victoria Nguyen

        There is a possibility he could be mixed but I know for sure that “Kwan” is not a Vietnamese surname.

      • Fen

        not all Chinese people speak Chinese well

      • JW

        He won’t be able to speak Cantonese too well if he grew up in the US and his parents never made him speak Cantonese. I don’t speak my parents’ native tongue, too, coz they never made me speak it.

    • Pop

      Joe is vietnamese. I know because I’ve heard him speak it and I’m vietnamese myself. Bart kwan is Korean silly idiots.

      • aogrej

        No he’s not. Bart doesn’t look anything like Korean.

        • AJ

          Bart’s Korean. On another channel (his channel), he made a video about him going to Korea and he mentioned that he was Korean. He may not look it, but he is.

    • Olivia Sucks

      if you guys followed them from them from the beginning then you would know they are Vietnamese

      • duh

        Your dumb.. Bart is chinese and joe’s korean. Just they constantly do viet accents doesn’t mean they’re viet omg

        • Mari


    • Miriah Smith

      Bart is Taiwanese/Cantonese and Joe’s real name is Joseph Masato Jitsukawa so he’s at least part Japanese if not full.

    • Anonymous

      Bart is Taiwanese and Joe is Hmong !

    • lives fdom

      Bart is 3% of Korean. yes he is partially Korean. he is around 60 % Chinese, so yes he is Chinese as well.

  • LinaOng606

    To theedge: Bart and Joe are Vietnamese, like me and they… I don’t know if they’re making fun of Koreans for fun. Are they?!?!?!?!

    • http://justkiddingfilms.net/ JKFilms

      We’re Viet?

    • http://twitter.com/JKFilms JustKiddingFilms

      We’re Viet? Says who?

      • LinaOng606

        Well.. U seem Viet somehow. It’s a habit i can’t help to ask if people r my culture. Moving on… So i’m going to Las Vegas, and was wondering if you can respond back, “How did you feel there, did it feel, relaxing, tell me cuz’ i really care bout everyone’s opinions, but people doesn’t care about mines.”

  • M + K

    Love you guys

  • http://www.facebook.com/Scorpiokuc Scorpio-kun Vang

    Do you guys get paid?

  • http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=jj1111able RavenWave

    LOL Joe’s smile

  • KasKas

    Honestly, just a few days of watching JK made me feel like I’ve known you guys for so long. Dear JKFamily, please be warned that you might be receiving a visit from someone from halfway across the world sometime in the future. Hehe.. Super love JKNews, Party, Gamer and Films. Thanks for being so wacky and ridiculous, you guys make me smile everyday.

  • http://twitter.com/seaNlNJA Graeme Caldwell

    What camera do you use? I’m going for a more professional look now…

  • KpChucks

    What happen to Queenie ito,Kevin Chan and Anhiee :O

    • choyboy

      kevin chan still sometimes works there, Anhieee stopped being an intern and Queenie stopped working there

  • http://www.facebook.com/letruong09 Leah Truong

    where is olivia? why is she not part of the fam?

    • Liz

      was thinking exactly the same thing!

    • Cat Queen

      She posted a video today saying that she was way underpaid as an intern and that for expressing her opinion on this she was fired :(
      Link here: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xD-68vi1jWY

      • Thinkitthrough

        Apparently that’s not the whole story. Also, it’s none of our business. I’m sure they will sort out whatever issues they may or may not have. Support JK and their fam.

    • asiapanda

      they fired her

    • Justin Kim

      JKfilms pay their interns next to nothing so she got fired for calling herself an unpaid intern. Which she was.

      • Bran

        You just said she was paid next to nothing, which implies she was paid something… And then you said she was as unpaid… And if she was an intern, how can she expect to be payed well? Not being paid well is practically part of the definition of an intern…

        • JW

          She did the math. It was about $0.85/hr or sth (maybe less, I don’t remember) w/out gas.

    • Jennifer

      She’s back now!! :)

      • david0688

        Is OliviaThai really back with them? I thought she was done. It’s OliviaThai the musician that left, right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.chiem.3 Jason TranChiem

    whats the song Can nguyen danced too in ‘Because im asian’ plz reply

  • http://www.facebook.com/Katalyzt Ivan Wong

    How Casey got his mastery in film directing?? ^^

  • Lina

    OMG!!!! JK films responded to my comment. I thought they wouldn’t respond. OMG!!! Am I and will I become one of the JK Filmers? Can anyone become a Jk Filmer?

  • Gogo_Baggins

    How do they find videos to talk about? Because I have one I want them to view

  • DKinney

    Great comedy! I’m an aspiring indie filmmaker. Do you mind sharing the gear that you use for your latest vids? Thanks.

  • GStone

    You guys are awsome , keep up the good work. love to watch!

  • Lina

    A helicopter mom is a mom that is very careful with there child, like a over-protective parent.

  • Parminder mann

    Where do you live?

  • Rosita bustamante

    You people need a freakin award yes you
    One of your biggest fans rosita

  • Jess Andhika

    i love all your films, soo hilarious!! and they are genuine :) wondering when is everyone’s birthdates?

  • Brian

    Is Bart Cantonese? I remember Bart talking about watching Infernal Affairs, which is a Hong Kong movie.

    • YrPpltwats

      I’ve watched all of the infernal affairs trilogy and other movies from hong kong. But that don’t make me Cantonese.

    • kchan854

      He’s Taiwanese ok

  • swagyoloking420

    videos make me sad and happy at the same time, makes me philosophise how socially awkard i am ;p

  • dean.aledo

    Are bart and Daniel related?

  • Klariza

    What’s Olivia’s nationality?? My cousin and I are arguing whether she’s half Filipino or half Chinese.

    • some_dude

      imdb has your answer. she actually at times does look latin which is why pinay can become a guess too.

  • Erick lee

    Hi this is Erick lee I would love to work on a 100.000 or more contract,I have left my number email in the contact list,THANK YOU

  • hammad


  • William Hernandez

    She’s 23 tears old

  • Sonam Sherpa

    I am working on my first app and its going to be finished at November the 5th
    its app for you guys its going to be called JustKiddingFilms its going to have your latest videos you latest tweets your latest instagram post and more .

  • Tyrese

    I love unco sam and unco chin!

  • Tyrese

    make more videos of unco sam and unco chin mudda asssssholes

  • Ariana Tran

    is every1 on JKF chinese?

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/kyliekimchannel lovechu

      Joe and Bart are korean i think ^^

  • Mads

    I hope i don’t get put down for asking but who’s the little kid isaac, he’s always around and none of them look like they have had a kid?

    • bilzzy

      that’s tiff’s son don’t know who’s the dad though

    • Jennifer

      Tiff’s son and the of Isaac dad is someone she used to date, but she still knows him, and she’s currently dating someone (I think it was Casey).

  • Yash Patel

    I know you guys do a lot of Asian related comedy and do you guys think Indian falls under that category. As an Indian, I believe it does. Love to hear your thoughts on it.

    • Alex Min Song

      India is Asia, technically, but since Bart and Joe are East Asian and have East Asian experiences, they tend to lean more towards dealing with those stereotypes, I think.

      Like in Britain, Asia means South Asia while in the US Asia means East Asia?

  • Johnny Johns

    nothing cures the pain of life besides a good old laugh JK you rock

  • curious

    Are Bart and Geo married yet? 😉 ahaha

  • Buh dum tiss

    Are Olivia and Joe dating? Or…

  • That_Dude

    i want to creampie Julia Chow =)

    • Dick Waffle

      How old is she?

  • Qwerty

    What country do they live in

  • The truth

    Update more on this website . Nice skits you make you out lots of effort :)

  • DatOneAznKid1

    Hey Bart I got a question, if Geo only had one day left to live what would you do for her to make it the best last day ever? Than Geo the same question for you and what would you do for Bart if it was his last day?

  • tyler

    what kind of dog is tyson

  • Anton

    Are any of them from Taiwan? coz i hear olivia talk about taiwan all the time! im such a big fan!!

  • Alyssa

    Are Julia and tommy dating?

    • nathalee santana

      Yes they are! :)

      • david0688

        Didn’t they break up though?

  • Ashley

    Who’s isaac ?

    • Millietta

      Tiffanys son

    • kchan854

      tiff’s son

  • JKF for life !

    I think Bart’s a cantonese. He speaks fluent cantonese in Gun Fu.

    • Samuel Mui

      Seriously, I don’t understand why everyone thinks he’s Korean lol

  • Beachgirl

    Did joe and olivia broke up? I’m sad :(



  • Songnameplease

    What song is in round two of the hot potato challenge video?

  • ESPamin

    Hey! 😀 where did get all those BGM … just asking.By the way I like all of your vids..cool

  • Drake Blake

    You guys need to have hotter girls. That geo chick is old, annoying, and shallow. More hot girls like Olivia please!!!!!

  • dynn

    Joe is Vietnamese and Bart is Korean.

    • dynn

      now that I think about it, I only know Bart is Korean because of his videos… but I don’t know why I thought Joe was Vietnamese, so not 100% sure,

    • Samuel Mui

      Bart is Chinese. “Kwon” is Korean. “Kwan” is Chinese. Also, remember that Michelle Kwan, the ex-Olympian is Chinese-American.

  • Beth Sathre

    Just wanted to say you guys are hella funny and I love all of you :)

  • Andrew Geoffrey Dornan

    what happened to olivia?

    • onlon

      She left apperently. Check her instagram.

      • Samuel Mui

        It doesn’t say or indicate anything about why she left. Was it beef with Geo?

        • paul

          It says on her instagram sesame chicken photo you idiots

          • Samuel Mui

            I think the real idiot needs to go check the sesame chicken photo and realize that there is no explanation as to why she left.

          • Anon

            lol dude read the comments

          • bebby

            can someone post the link to the photo??

      • ns

        she was fired

  • Me

    Where do u guys shoot all ur videos? It would be awesome to see ur building

  • Akemi

    Everybody, Kwan is a Cantonese/Chinese surname. Just google it.

  • darkasian

    how old is Julia Chow? is she chinese? She is berry berrrrryyyyyyy cute!!!

  • Shadowwolfxz9

    What happened to Olivia? Why isn’t she in many of the videos recently?

  • DoTheRightThing

    im unsubscribing for what yall did to Olivia. How can you have people working for you and not paid them. That’s fucked up, yall better do something quick to win back my trust for you guys as a legitimate company or all my friends and I are going to unsubscribe your channel.

    • Hik

      She was getting paid though…

    • bing lee sao

      you’re fucked

    • Nyxl

      1.Have fun missing out then
      2. Go leave with your 4 friends then, you are not the most important person in the wold
      3. Olivia was getting paid and for an internship getting paid anything is generous
      4. go fuck yourself no-one cares

  • Thinkitthrough

    So with regard to their ethnicity I found this out. Ready? THEY’RE ACTUALLY MARTIANS! I found this out because I stalked them and searched from one end of the internets to the other end. I finally used my
    x-ray goggles to look at them and I saw they had ANTENNAE! So YEA!
    WE GOT IT! Yea….so….now what?

  • harun ahmed

    i think that it was unnecessary for Olivia to make that video and publicly shame jk as it only concerns jk and Olivia and is not our business . However, she was mistreated and therefore she deserves to be compensated. i also think that there were other ways of going about it because making that video didn’t give her a solution but rather attention .

    • JKvsOlivia

      I think that by making that video it was Olivia’s way of getting the attention of JK, so they realize how f’d up they were. Her only other solution would have been to sue them for under compensating her, which she is hesitant to do, which as of now is a good thing for JK. Apparently when Olivia started asking for a contract, JK played stupid, while she was still working for them.

  • JKvsOlivia

    I was considering becoming a subscriber of JKNews when I saw the video of Olivia explaining why she was no longer part of the “JK fam.” while I’ve read comments about how since they are “family” then she shouldn’t ask to be compensated for her time, and such. BS, I charge my actual brother for me to help him. And he overpays me. If JK has the money to pay there employees and “interns,” then they should pay them. Unless the owners are also being compensated 87cents an hour like olivia mentioned then they should be paying her fairly. And firing her through an email is so unprofessional. You failed to see the value she brought to your company. When she expressed her concerns about being an “unpaid intern.” You should have sat down with her not to fire her but to understand why she felt under compensated. And even if she was initially an “unpaid intern.” the work that interns are supposed to do is limited, because they are an intern… i.e. file paperwork, do some research, or even in filming to just carry the equipment. Olivia went above and beyond what her internship work should have been. Helping you restructure the way the company works, editing videos, being filmed herself as well as her family, using her house to film. And for you to underpay her thats low. But then here is an even lower comment: For the amount for work and her own personal money she put in (i.e. gas and letting you use her house), she was so underpaid that she might as well have been working in a chinese sweatshop.

    • ns

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    • david0688

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    Probably doesn’t take much money to help her out, if JKF got some spare. Don’t be cheap, stingy Asian bosses that are stereotyped and we all know well. Not cool!

    Best of luck.

    • Nyxl

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