The Fam

Joe - Co-Founder/Writer/Director/Cast

Living la vida loca, renaissance man, wish granter, and dog whisperer

Bart - Co-Founder/Writer/Director/Cast

Raised by wolves but nurtured by Mormons, Bart has rapidly become the most distinguished root beer float authority. Armed with extreme flexibility and incredible drive, Bart enjoys petting camels and is 2 feet away from doing the splits

Geovanna - PR/Marketing/Producer/Booking/Cast

Not to be mistaken for David, is immune to the pheromones of South Africa.As deadly as a firefly on a Saturday night, Geo has been known to smack a bitch or two. I love candy.


Casey - Director/Chief Editor

I own a camera that I take pictures with.

Tom - Art Director / AD / AC / Camera-Op

Who Gon Stop Me.. Huh?!

Daniel - DP / Editor

Born from the hot lava of Mount Doom of Mordor, he's able to shuffle across and surface. Hands down, he'll defeat you in any Chicken Nugget competition, even if he loses.