• Fred

    I demand Olivia photos!

    • Nitin Nirmal

      nice 1

    • Carl W

      olivia quit Duh

      • Plesh

        That was 2 years ago. She still worked there.

        • Ivan

          She got fired :(

  • Este Ban

    what has happen to queenie ito !! didnt see her in the fam section :(

  • Hann

    hann champion time?

  • Vangkevin916

    I demand Olivia photos!

  • David Leon

    yea justkiddingfilms
    ya the bomb n the best entertainers

  • David


  • Polipham


  • Echo1er

    needs more pictures

  • Sagiebear7

    I love bart!

  • Kateri

    Where is Olivia?! =(

  • Botoole86


  • Sabrinapinto31

    I love you guys!!!

  • CorteonCox12

    You are so funny as hell on crazy logic

  • matt

    Is olivia not part of the fam =(

  • Julie Huynh

    I’m a big fan of u guys but I’m a more bigger fan to Joe because he’s super funny and u never know what’s coming out of his mouth.

  • Thanh Tran

    i want olivia photos too! shes soooo pretty!!

  • Abdul Manan Chaudhary

    JKF u guys are the best about 3 months age just as i found out that my mom was done with her long journey of cancer and can get healthy i woke up to the crying from my dad my grandpa had passed away i was so depressed i was doing bad in school stopped going on FB and YouTube but then one day my friend showed me a JKF video and i started to laugh and i remembered how much crazy i was about u guys and still am thanks for make a park of my hard life a lot easy thanks, Abdul Manan Chaudhary

  • $avy

    What.. Olivia were are you…. I don’t see you and btw I’m a big fan of you guys because you guys are freaking awesome :)

  • Nikkie

    you guys leave Olivia out too much! she should be in the FAM!

  • Andrea


  • esgar

    Does anyone know the name of joe’s haircut is please reply if you know

  • Araib

    Keep up the awesome work!! You guys are amazing :)

  • Michael Boots

    why isnt olivia in the jkf family?

  • Carly Simpson


  • Katie

    And then there's no Olivia..

  • Makayla

    You guys are so awsome and cool

  • Jack Nguyen

    Joe’s girlfriend isn’t on the family list, but Bart’s girlfriend is.

  • B K

    Love that movie with the plumber. Hope to see something even more sexy.

  • Claire

    Love your guys’ films!!! and yea JKNs too!!!! :) So much so that I’m a Korean, as an English learner as a second language, I’m learning so much from your films :) well.. cursewords too……. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; thou love it!!!! lol…

  • jay d

    kan i see geo s vagina

  • jay d

    i want to fuck geo sorry bart but i want to backuss is saw geo wih a nother man

  • jay d

    i saw geo with my dad in bed jk i just love you guys

  • Natalie

    Wait..Geo is dating Bart? I’m sooo confused. And where is Olivia?

  • zxcvxcv

    so nice.
    they are good. aren’t they?

  • Kylie

    how come Oliva isn’t apart of the fam?

  • Puck


  • Alberticus Finicus

    Where is Olivia?

  • Tee

    Olivia got fired.

  • JKfinatic


  • Jason

    They fired Olivia because she claim herself unpaid intern.

  • Shirley

    I think Olivia should still be in the gallery section because she has contributed a lot.

  • Sliash Bhote

    forget olivia she will never be there and that is for the good

  • christian

    I love just kidding films your so cool #love geo a lot

  • Nick

    Did Joe and Olivia break up??? OH NO!

  • sam clegg

    WWE Backstage Reaction To CM Punk: “Triple H Wants To Kill Punk”

  • Richard to donkey


  • dumfuk

    Julia’s going to be added to the fam soon. I love her 😀

  • layla meredith

    Tom <3

  • someguy1234

    why are there no pictures of the girl that’s always reading the information?

  • CamCamCamera

    I want to see Geo and Bart pics. They’re so cute together

  • Poo


  • courtney242

    I want to meet yall

  • Tyrone Wong

    Why Cant all of you beautiful humans love each other

  • Tanque Guevara

    You Just Kidding Film Crew are the best, you guy are inspiring and hilarious love yall #MaddaBushit

  • nancy

    where are the photos that you guys took recently?

  • Miguel Angel Herrera

    jk no comment