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How To Grow From Your Mistakes

Whaddup everyone! We're on that mid-week streak and the weekend is right around the corner, so hang in there guys! We've been hustling more than usual to crank out some good stuff for you all. We'd like to say thanks to everyone who comments on our videos, Facebook, or Twitter...

JKF Goes To The Movies: The Dark Knight Rises

Happy Monday, everyone! So last week, the JK fam went to the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises. This movie was pretty hyped up, so we were all super excited to see how it was going to turn out. Some of us were hardcore Batman fans and some were...

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Long days. And even longer nights. That's how we do. Or at least, that's how we were tonight... or is it this morning? After a long day of working in the office and waiting for what seemed like months, the JK Fam headed to the theater for the midnight showing...

How To Have A Healthy Relationship

Hi everyone! It's hump day today, so for those who just can't wait till this week is over, you're almost there. One of our JKFilms magicians, Geo, had knee surgery this morning and we're glad to say that everything went well and she's on the road to a speedy recovery....