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Are You a JustKiddingGamer?

Whaddup playa playas! We've recently launched our new JustKiddingGamer Channel where you can watch some of your favorite JustKiddingFilms characters play some of your favorite games. Think Dead Space 2 was scary? Try watching Unco Chin attempt to play...

The Making Of: Nerd Love

Sup guys! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend spoiling your mommas. Remember that none of us would be here without them and even though Mother's Day only happens once a year, we should try to show appreciation for them everyday. Oh and don't piss them off, 'cause if they...

Sneak Peek of Things to Come…

Hell yeah, it's finally Friday! These past weeks have been really productive for us here in the JK office. Not only were we able to wrap up another shoot and have more in the talks, but we've also got some new merchandise in the works for you all. Last week, 


Just kidding, suckers! This post isn't actually about cake. Although speaking of cake, we did have some freakin' delicious tres leches cake for our bro (you may know him as JKF's director), Casey's birthday. But that's not important. Anyway, it's Wednesday again...